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Welcome to Alami Holistics


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Handmade Skincare & Holistic Treatments, Devon, England 

Here at Alami Holistics all of our skincare is hand made using organic and natural ingredients. We use the highest quality plant oils, butters, waxes and essential oils to nourish and protect your face, body, hands and feet. Your skin will soon thank you for switching to Alami Skincare. No harsh chemicals, cheap fillers or synthetic ingredients are ever added as we believe only pure nature is needed for healthy skin. All of the ingredients used are known for their anti inflammatory and anti oxidant properties. If you are local to Kingsteignton, then why not try a holistic facial so you get to experience the skincare range 

Here at Alami Holistics we offer natural healing treatments such as reflexology, holistic facials and reiki and combinations of all three as well as treatments for two. If you are feeling stressed, hormonal, overwhelmed, burnt out or simply in need of some time for quiet, rest and self care then you'll be amazed by the difference a treatment makes to your wellbeing. Remember self care is health care. In a world where we are often rushing from one job to another, juggling work, family, life admin and more then it's even more important to take some time our for yourself so your mind and body gets to rest and rebalance.

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