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Alami is the Indonesian word for Natural and I chose this as the name for my skincare brand because Indonesia is a place very close to my heart. It was whilst I was living and teaching in beautiful Bali that I became interested in all things healthy and natural, this led to a deep interest in not only what I was putting inside my body but what I was putting on my skin everyday. I started to research the ingredients in most everyday skincare products and realised that most of them weren’t natural and often not beneficial to our skin and health.


After returning to England and starting a family, I decided to give up teaching and began my journey making natural skin care products for myself, friends and family. After receiving lots of positive feedback I started studying and gained my diploma in natural and organic skincare formulation with the accredited and award winning Formula Botanic school. Since then I have been busy creating simple but effective skincare products that are completely natural. My aim is always to try and encourage others to make the switch to embrace natural skincare. I hope you enjoy these skincare goodies as much as I have enjoyed making them.

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