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Set of Facial Cups

Set of Facial Cups


Have you heard of facial cupping yet? It's a completely natural yet very effective way of improving our skin's health and appearance and is completely safe and non invasive. The silicone facial cups are easy to use and it only takes five to ten minutes two or three times a week to see results.

Did you know you can also book in for a facial cupping session with me  as well as booking a one to one facial cupping lesson - head over here to findout more.

  • Facial cups create a suction on our skin, which allows oxygen rich blood to come to the surface, and encourages an increase in fibroblast and  collagen production.  This increased blood flow helps our skin feel and look plumper and more toned as well as giving us a healthy glow. 


    Regular facial cupping helps to stimulate the lymphatic system - this is great for helping with puffiness, acne, clogged pores, dull or dry skin. By working the lymphatic system we are helping to eliminate toxins and fluid that have built up below the skin's surface. 


    Facial Cupping is a super relaxing experience, and feels really lovely on your skin. It helps to relax the facial muscles and any tension you hold in your face. Our faces can sometimes hold negative emotions - think of frown lines on our forehead and those lines between our eye brows sometimes called our 11 lines. Using the facial cups over these areas helps release the tension, helping you look fresher and calmer.

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