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Mix and Match Bundle of 4

Mix and Match Bundle of 4


Choose any four of these handmade reflexology balms, it's completely up to you. These hand crafted balms are a  blend of natural and organic butters, waxes and plant oils, which have been carefully formulated to nourish, soften and soothe your skin. Choose any of the following options, simply write the balms you would like at checkout. This order includes first class free delivery in the U.K 


The subtle, calming and gentle scent of our award winning LAVENDER & ROSEMARY'S NOURISHING FOOT BALM was Alami's first foot balm to be launched, and has always been a best seller. 


The wonderfully warm and uplifting scent of frankincense, orange and cedarwood essential oils in ENERGY Reflexology balm work to really boost and revive energy levels.


The heavenly scent of geranium, lavender, ylang ylang and pathcouli  found in PEACE Reflexology Balm  bring feelings of calm and tranquillity. 


The fresh, clean and citrusy scent of PURIFY Reflexology Balm helps to really clear the mind and stimulate the senses. This balm contains essential oils that are believed to help assist in the body’s natural detoxification process. 



    Apply a small amount to your hand using clean fingertips or the small wooden spoon provided. Massage all over your feet / hands until the balm soaks in to moisturise and nourish your feet. For extra dry or chapped feet make sure to wear socks to help lock in the moisture. 


    REFLEXOLOGISTS - Apply a small pea sized amount using the spoon provided, and then massage on to hands or feet. Apply more balm as needed throughout the treatment.

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