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Deep Replenish Moisturising Body Oil with Organic Argan Oil

Deep Replenish Moisturising Body Oil with Organic Argan Oil


A beautiful blend of natural and organic plant oils, which have been carefully formulated to replenish dry skin, moisturise your body and uplift your mood.


This body oil soaks in smoothly and quickly to hydrate and soften your skin without leaving a greasy feel.


Deep Replenish leaves your skin smelling absolutely divine with a blend of 8 essential oils including frankincense, geranium, orange & cedarwood.



Deep Replenish body oil works its magic especially well when applied all over your body straight after showering with slightly damp skin.Works wonderfully as a bath oil too, just add a few drops to your bath, relax and enjoy the divine scent of 8 carefully blended aromatic essential oils.


    • Organic Argan Oil
      Replenishes & nourishes your skin, encourages skin cell regeneration
    • Organic Golden Jojoba Oil
       Balances, hydrates, softens and protects your skin.
    • Organic Macadamia Nut Oil
      Highly emollient, hydrates & heals.
    • Organic Evening Primrose Oil
      Skin softening and known to help fight inflammation and maintain healthy skin
    • Frankincense Essential Oil
      Wonderful for rejuvenating dry and mature skin, Frankincense not only aids cell and tissue regeneration but is also calming and helps relieve anxiety.
    • Geranium Essential Oil
      This floral scented oil works wonders on all skin types. It’s known to help with acne, broken capillaries, congested skin and dermatitis.
    • Sweet Orange Essential Oil
      It’s hard not to love the uplifting scent of sweet orange essential oil. It brightens and tones the skin and stimulates circulation.
    • Cedarwood Essential Oil
      This fragrant woody yet sweet scented oil helps soothe skin, relieve itchiness and protect the skin from pollutants and toxins.
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