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Cleanse & Glow Brightening Face Mask with Rosehip & Hibiscus

Cleanse & Glow Brightening Face Mask with Rosehip & Hibiscus


Boost your skin tone and brighten your complexion with Alami’s Cleanse & Glow Brightening Face Mask. Rich in vitamins,  minerals, antioxidants and natural AHAs this beautiful blend of clays and powders will rejuvenate and revitalise your skin.


This mask is suitable for all skin types and works to cleanse and exfoliate your skin. Clay masks are a wonderful way of removing impurities, dead skin and excess oil. Highly absorbent, this mask helps to tighten pores and shift blackheads so your skin looks and feels wonderfully soft, clean and nourished afterwards. 


This blend at home face mask comes with a wooden spoon and in a natural, reusable linen or cotton bag. Each 30g jar contains enough for at least 10 face masks or face scrubs.


This includes a soft flannel, a wooden spoon for scooping and a facemask brush.


To order a refill simply return the jar and enjoy £6 off.


  • Blend with water / floral water and or yoghurt.

    Using the spoon provided scoop a heaped spoonful of Cleanse & Glow Face Mask into a bowl. Slowly add a spoon or two of water and mix together. If you have rose water or another floral water then use this instead. Add another spoonful if necessary or you could also add in a spoonful of yoghurt and blend everything together with the wooden spoon provided. Yoghurt is high in lactic acid and vitamin B so gives your skin an extra boost.  Apply to face using a face mask brush or clean fingers and leave on for between 5 to 10 minutes. Try and remove the face mask before it completely dries. Rinse off gently with warm water and a soft flannel. 

    For best results use this face mask once or twice a week.


    Blend with Alami’s Uplift & Cleanse Oil Cleanser

    Using the spoon provided add a heaped spoonful of Cleanse & Glow Face Mask into a bowl. Take a few pumps of Oil Cleanser and mix the two together with the spoon provided. The exfoliating ingredients in the face mask work perfectly with the oil cleanser and the combination of the two makes a very effective facial polish. Simply massage into your face in gentle upward circular motion for a few minutes, then gently wash off with warm water and a soft flannel.

    For best results use this face polish once or twice a week.


    Don’t worry if your skin is a little red afterwards, this is a normal reaction as the clays can increase blood flow to the surface of the skin. There are no harsh preservatives in this 100% natural facemask only completely natural skin boosting ingredients.

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