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Bundle of Four Foot Balms

Bundle of Four Foot Balms


You can now try all 4 of these nutrient dense, softening and moisturising mini hand / foot balms. They come in a lovely little box with a small wooden spoon. These minis are an ideal way of trying all 3 of the reflexology balms plus now the original award winning Nourishing Foot Balm has been added. These make a perfect gift for a reflexologist. You can also simply mix and match your favourite balms.


These nourishing and multi functioning  100% natural balms work wonderfully to moisturise and replenish dry hands, revive sore and tired feet and soften chapped heels. The texture and consistency of these reflexology balms are perfect for reflexologists to use as a massage medium on both hands and feet as it soaks beautifully in to the skin without leaving a greasy feel, leaving the client with moisturised skin. 


These hand crafted balms are a  blend of natural and organic butters, waxes and plant oils, which have been carefully formulated to nourish, soften and soothe your skin. 


The wonderfully warm and uplifting scent of frankincense, orange and cedarwood essential oils in ENERGY Reflexology balm work to really boost and revive energy levels.


The heavenly scent of geranium, lavender, ylang ylang and pathcouli  found in PEACE Reflexology Balm  bring feelings of calm and tranquillity. 


The fresh, clean and citrusy scent of PURIFY Reflexology Balm helps to really clear the mind and stimulate the senses. This balm contains essential oils that are believed to help assist in the body’s natural detoxification process. 


The calming and healing scent of Nourishing Foot Balm will soothe your senses and soften your skin.

  • Apply a small amount to your hand using clean fingertips or the small wooden spoon provided. Massage all over your feet / hands until the balm soaks in to moisturise and nourish your feet. For extra dry or chapped feet make sure to wear socks to help lock in the moisture. 


    REFLEXOLOGISTS - Apply a small pea sized amount using the spoon provided, and then massage on to hands or feet. Apply more balm as needed throughout the treatment.

  • Organic unrefined Cocoa butter

    Naturally rich in antioxidants and saturated fatty acids, cocoa butter works as an emollient to hydrate and protect your skin.


    Organic Mango butter

    Deeply nourishing and skin softening this butter absorbs easily into the skin and is rich in vitamin E. 


    Organic sunflower seed oil

    High in Vitamins A, B, D and E which help to maintain and repair the skins barrier and retain moisture. 


    Apricot kernel oil

    This light and nourishing oil not only helps hydrate and protect the skin but also has anti inflammatory and antiseptic properties. The perfect oil for a balm.


    Myrica Wax

    This sustainably sourced vegan fruit wax adds a lovely feel to this balm ensuring there is no greasy feel after application.


    Candellila Wax

    This natural vegetable wax is derived from the leaves of the Candelilla plant and is very similar in consistency to beeswax.


    A beautiful yellow colour, beeswax naturally brings a lovely consistency to the balms.

    Essential oils don’t just bring a lovely scent to a skincare product, their powerful and healing properties can also have a positive impact on our skin as well as benefiting our body and mind.

    Cedarwood essential oil is a woody yet warm and sweet scented oil that helps with eczema, dermatitis and fungal infections. This oil can also be used to aid concentration, balance emotions and clear the mind of confusion. Found in Energy Reflexology Balm.Lavender Essential Oil

    This versatile and all round amazing essential oil has anti inflammatory and antifungal properties, it is also known to clear the mind, and reduce anxiety, stress and aid sleep. Found in Peace Reflexology Balm

    Frankincense essential oil

    This wonderful ‘king of essential oils’ has a fresh yet warm, sweet and woody scent. It has been used for centuries in ancient Egypt, India, as well as in the West, not only for its healing and rejuvenating properties in skincare but also for its medicinal uses. It has been known to help with chest conditions, coughs and colds and to also help fight inflammation in the body.  Found in Energy Reflexology Balm

    Geranium Bourbon Essential Oil

    Beneficial for many skin conditions such as eczema, acne and dermatitis, this beautifully scented oil helps to balance emotions, relieve stress and calm hormonal issues. Found in Peace Reflexology Balm

    Grapefruit essential oil Grapefruit essential oil has antiseptic and anti toxic properties and is thought to stimulate the digestive and lymphatic system. With its citrusy and fresh scent this essential oil is cleansing and uplifting.

    Juniper essential oilThis rich, woody and fresh essential oil works well in skincare to help heal wounds, dermatitis and eczema. Juniper essential oil has been used for centuries to purify the air and clear negative energy. It is thought to help relieve rheumatic pain and aid the body to remove toxins.

    Lime essential oil

    The clean, fresh scent of lime essential oil is revitalising and renewing. Lime essential oil is beneficial in clearing infections, colds and coughs as well as helping eliminate boils, corns, brittle nails and warts. A perfect ingredient for a hand or foot balm.Patchouli Essential Oil

    This sensual smelling oil is well known for bringing a sense of calm and relaxation as well as helping to reduce stress and anxiety. Found in Peace

    Rosemary essential oil

    This purifying essential oil has antioxidant, antiseptic and antimicrobial properties as well as the ability to stimulate the circulatory system and aid lymphatic drainage.

    Sweet Orange Essential oil

    There’s nothing more energising than the uplifting scent of sweet orange essential oil. This essential oil is said to increase focus, boost energy levels as well as also helping to strengthen our immune system and help with digestive issues. Found in Energy Reflexology Balm.

    Ylang Ylang Essential oil 

    This wonderful essential oil has been used for centuries in Indonesia for skincare but is also very well known for helping to reduce stress, depression and lessen feelings of anger.

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