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Beauty Mini Trio

Beauty Mini Trio


A perfect little mini gift set for yourself or a loved one. 

This trio of gorgeous skincare minis gives you the perfect opportunity to try     something new and see if it works for your skin. This includes the award winning Uplift & Cleanse Cleansing Oil, Hydrate & Nourish Skin Balancing Moisturiser & Pure Glow Botanical Serum. This trio are all your skin needs to keep it cleansed, hydrated and deeply nourished. You won't be disappointed.

  •  Revive your daily skincare routine with Alami’s Uplift & Cleanse cleansing oil. A wonderful blend of skin nourishing plant oils with the uplifting scent of juniper and orange to gently cleanse your skin.

    This cleansing oil not only works to unclog clores, lift excess sebum and remove dirt and impurities but also works effectively as a make up remover. 100% natural with only beneficial ingredients it leaves your skin feeling soft and moisturised afterwards.

    Why use the oil cleansing method?

    Cleansing is probably the most important part of your skincare routine, but is sometimes overlooked. Unfortunately, other types of cleansers can strip the skin of its natural oils causing an imbalance in the skin. Our skin actually needs these naturally produced oils to keep it hydrated and protected so it can function properly. Oil cleansers work effectively as they work on the notion that oil dissolves oil. By applying certain oils to your face you are able to remove the dirt, impurities and dead skin cells but without impacting on your skin’s natural oil production. This helps keep your skin happy and healthy.


    How to oil cleanse

    The best time to oil cleanse is in the evning as this is when your face  needs it the most. If you have cleansed well in the evening there is no need to cleanse again in the morning.

    Apply 1 or 2 pumps from the bottle into your hand and gently massage all over your face for a few minutes. This helps to remove any impurities and dead skin, and helps to unclog pores. Take a moment to enjoy the scent and feeling of this cleansing oil.


    Run the tap and when the water is very warm but not too hot and rinse the muslin cloth provided under the tap. Then squeeze out any excess water and then gently pat the cloth in a downward motion over your face to remove the oil and all of the day’s dirt with it. The muslin cloth works as a gentle exfoliant.

    Finish by splashing some cool water over your face and patting dry with a towel and applying Alami’s Pure Nourish or Restore facial oil.

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