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Rejuvenate Your Skin with Facial Cupping

Are you looking for a natural yet effective approach to improving the appearance and health of your skin? Facial cupping is a simple, non-invasive yet really powerful facial skincare treatment that is becoming increasingly popular due to its wonderful results.

You can do facial cupping on yourself or you can book in for facial cupping sessions with a professional. Facial cupping is safe, incredibly relaxing and can really transform your skin. There’s a lot to love about facial cupping! Read on to find out more…

What is facial cupping?

Facial cupping is the use of silicone cups, which are glided along the skin using a squeezing motion which causes a suction. It’s important to use a generous amount of high quality facial oil or serum to create the glide and to not mark the skin. Sometimes the cups will stay static this is called flash cupping. A facial cupping session feels like a deep or strong facial massage, for that reason you only do it three times a week, whereas facial massage can be done daily.

How does facial cupping work?

When we use the cups we create suction over the skin, which brings increased blood flow to the surface. This boost in oxygenated blood nourishes the surrounding tissue and encourages collagen production and skin cell regeneration. This is particularly beneficial for more mature skin as the older we get the less collagen we produce naturally and our skin cells take longer to renew.

Facial cupping also works by stimulating the muscles in our face. We have 43 muscles altogether and as we age these muscles often get weaker and lose muscle tone. Facial cupping is a great tool, like facial massage and face yoga, for toning these muscles and connective tissue and giving your face a work out. You’ll notice a really healthy glow afterwards.

Did you know that facial cupping is rooted in Traditional Chinese Medicine? In TCM it’s believed that our face shows imbalances in our physical and emotional health. For example, our chin represents our reproductive area, hence why we often get spots on this area at certain times of the month. By cupping over the chin we help to move stagnant Qi or energy, which in turn helps rebalance this area.

Facial Cupping also works as a lymphatic drainage tool. This is why we always start with the chest and neck area in a cupping session as there are many lymph nodes in this area. A sluggish lymphatic system could be shown on the face through puffiness, dry or dull skin, acne or clogged pores. By using the facial cups we help to stimulate the lymphatic system helping to clear toxins and waste, giving us a clearer and healthier complexion.

Benefits of Facial Cupping

If you still aren't convinced here are some more reasons to try facial cupping...

❁You'll notice your skin looks brighter after a facial cupping session, so an overall healthier and radiant glow is usually instant.

❁The boost in collagen production from facial cupping can help reduce wrinkles and fine lines.

❁Facial cupping can help relax our muscles. We often hold tension around the jaw area especially if we grind our teeth.

❁You may also notice your jawline and cheeks and chin becomes more toned.

❁Gentle cupping under the eyes can help depuff this area, as well as help reduce dark circles.

❁Using the little cups over the lips can really help to naturally plump them.

❁Nasolabial folds can become less prominent with regular facial cupping.

❁Your serum or facial oil will really soak deeply in to the skin during the facial cupping session.

❁Facial cupping can help relax our muscles. We often hold tension around the jaw area especially if we are stressed or grind our teeth. Facial cupping can relieve this tension.

❁Your serum or facial oil will really soak in deeply during the facial cupping session,really delivering the nurtients to your skin.

❁Facial cupping is really relaxing, it's an opportunity for self care and a chance to look after and appreciate your skin.

When and how often should I use the facial cups?

If you are going for facial cupping treatments then once or twice a week would be very beneficial for the first four to six weeks, then you could switch to once a month. Ideally a combination of facial cupping at home alongside receiving a facial cupping session with a professional would bring the best results.

Facial Cupping with Alami Treatments

If you are local to Kingsteignton or Newton Abbot, Devon and would like to try facial cupping with me then please don't hesitate to get in touch or book in. At Alami Treatments you can receive a number of holistic treatments that include facial cupping. A one off facial cupping session is very affordable and includes a cleanse, facial massage and facial acupressure. You could also try an Alami Facial which includes a homemade bespoke face mask as well as facial massage, facial cupping and facial acupressure. If you really want to drift away add reflexology into the mix and you will simply float home.

Using Facial Cups at Home

Buying your own facial cups and using them regularly yourself is a wonderful option. Alami Skincare has teamed up with The Facial Cupping Expert to sell her extremely high quality facial cups with the option of adding Pure Nourish Facial oil or Pure Glow Serum both which work wonderfully with the facial cups. You can also learn how to use the facial cups with me by booking in for a facial cupping lesson. Head over here to find out more.

Let me know if you have tried facial cupping and if you have seen a difference in your skin!

Anna x

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